The Terrace Residency

The Terrace Residency

It's Story Time!

The Terrace Residency is a privately-funded Arts Space visualised by Afrofilms’ co-founder Zippy Kimundu, to provide a quiet space for fellow artists to think and create, as an addition to it’s 5-year old sister venue ‘The Terrace Bar and Bistro’, along the Kilifi Creek.

‘The venue offers attendants respite from everyday challenges in creative and culture-making careers, facilitating and enabling environment for forcused attention, deep content dives and strong connections.

The Residency


Community Art Exchange

Film Impact Screenings

Live Performances & Mentorship

Community Mangroove Restoration


A pilot project to establish The Terrace Residency, as a Fellowship Program to Cultivate the Business Viability of Artistic, Creative and Cultural Work.

Sawazisha Sinema

Is a lm focused residency that brings together fiction and non-fiction filmmakers, working on an ongoing project in either Development or Editing phase; inviting screenwriters, editors, or editor – director teams to an in-depth 8-week hands-on mentorship program that allows them further their projects with minimal interruption, while training on how to merge business and creative development.

Sawazisha Sekta

Is a fellowship program reaching broader constituencies in art, creative work and culture making sectors including Sahani, Sanaa, Sauti, Seremala, Shauku, Sikiza, Staarabu and Sura; allowing for deep content dives, closer connection, and matchless feedback loops with coaches and peers. The Residency is designed to oer a specic focus of industry mentorship for business protability, to improve their craft, and open up new markets.

The Dream

Essentially Aya

“I have found healing in this place. Every moment I spend in Majajani brings me closer to
tranquility. The freedom to be me, space to create and expand. A space for becoming”

Jackie Lebo

“I like how everytime I come here it enables me to forget all my troubles and opens me up to new
ways of being, new ways to view my projects. I get unstack and the interactions I get makes me
have a new perspective to viewing life”

Kevin Mwachiro

“It’s just great to have spaces for not only black people, but also queer friendly that allows us to
be and create. That was always hard to nd in Kili.”

Muthoni Drummer Queen

“This is the perfect embodiment of a space that allows collaboration within us Black African
Women. I can’t wait to see what we create together.”

The Team


The Creative Director
An award winning Filmmaker and Co-founder
Afrolms and The Terrace Residency


Program Manager
An experienced Curator, multi-sectoral Artist
and Cultural Entrepreneur


The Creative Director;
a multi-talented Producer, Fixer and cultural-


Training, Impact and outreach Lead
A writer, director, and producer. He moves in the
meaning of his name: “The one who delivers”


Artist Liaison and Programs Coordinator
An audiovisual practitioner, deejay, fashion
entrepreneur & a trainer for LGBTQ+ activists


Technology and Evaluation Systems Advisor
Founder, Wezana Solutions, helping
companies track impact through technology

Residency Partners